Why Hating The Rich Is Keeping You Poor

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It has been proved that those that hate rich people are very likely to remain poor. How do you know if you hate rich people?

If you find yourself laughing at a rich guy having to suffer, you may be suffering from an unconscious belief that is likely sabotaging your success. In fact, hating the rich might be making your poor.

If you agree with any of the following beliefs, you might be hurting your chances of becoming wealthy yourself.

i) Rich people are greedy

ii) Money corrupts people.

iii) People get rich by taking advantage of others.

iv) Good people should not care about money.

v) Money is bad.

vi) Rich people are evil.

vii) It is spiritual or noble to be poor.

viii) Underdogs and the little guys are good, big entities are bad.

ix) You have to sell your soul to get rich.

x) Rich people have lots of money, but they also have many additional problems. Being rich isn’t worth it.

xi) Money causes good people to go bad.

If you agree with all of the above, you may have a serious case of Poverty Mentality, and you have to start treating it as an emergency case. Those who think negatively about wealth and wealthy people are more likely to have lower incomes. The stronger your hatred of the rich, the lower your income will be. Here Is Why;

1. You Avoid Money

This is called MONEY AVOIDANCE. You often do things subconsciously that hurt your financial well-being, such as overspending, blowing a windfall or not seeking advancement at work. You sabotage yourself because of your negative associations with money.

2. …yet You Worship Money

Ironically, people who despise the rich are more likely to worship money. They think that having more money will solve all of their financial problems and make their life better. On one hand they think money corrupts people, but on the other hand, they want more. This contradiction causes you to end up hating rich people even more because they have money and you don’t. You convince yourself that everyone who has money is bad and you tune out any evidence to the contrary. Then you tell yourself that by not being rich, at least you’re not one of those jerks.

3. You Surround Yourself With Others Who Hate Rich People

People who hate the rich tend to find friends who feel the same. If you’re constantly reinforcing each other’s belief that the wealthy are bad, it becomes a reality for you, If you do start earning more money, get a windfall or even change your tune about the rich, you risk alienating your friends. So you don’t make efforts to improve your finances because you don’t want to get kicked out of your social group.

How to Eliminate The Negative Feelings and Get Rich

1. Pinpoint Where These Beliefs Came From

To help eliminate these negative beliefs about money and rich people, you have to identify why you have them. Opinions about the rich typically are learned in childhood. A parent or other family member might have ingrained in you the idea that money corrupts. Or perhaps you saw a rich person do something bad — in reality or even in movies — and have maintained that negative association in the back of your mind. It’s important to recognize that what you were taught about wealth and the wealthy in childhood isn’t always true.

2. Form an Accurate Belief About Wealth

Some rich people may be bad, but some do incredible things with their money to help humanity. When you realize that not all rich people are bad, you make your belief about the wealthy more accurate and you open the door to new possibilities for enhancing your financial situation. Realize that it’s OK to have money. Then you can start taking steps to learn how boost your own wealth.

3. Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Once you let go of the negative feelings about wealth, you can stop telling yourself that you can’t get ahead. “There are lot of opportunities out there for you. You’re just not paying attention because you have a certain mindset. For example, you might want to reach out to someone who is successful — such as your boss, a colleague or friend — and ask how he got where he is today.

There are lots of people who would love to teach you and share with you what they know. People love to talk about themselves and pass on their wisdom. Stop letting other people decide what you’re worth and start asking for raises or seeking advancement. Stop blaming others for your financial situation. Own up to your money mistakes and accept that you’ve made them so you don’t repeat them. Then you’ll be on the path toward wealth.

If you suspect you have a serious case of poverty mentality, that may be as a result of your upbringing. Then you need to immediately re-orientate yourself about money.




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