Top 6 Profitable Consulting Fields To Get Into Now

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Have you ever thought of consulting? Here are top 6 consulting fields to get into;

Sales, Marketing and Public Relations

Do you have a nose for sales or marketing? Consulting may just be for you – though expect the competition to be fierce in all sales and marketing consulting branches. For success as a consultant, look at specializing in areas like international business or internet marketing utilization.

Computer and Information Systems

If you’re wondering where to find job growth in the future, look no further than IT – especially in the field of computer software engineering. If you’re already experienced in this industry and want to consult, look at specializing in areas like cyber security, networking, troubleshooting, banking and finance. If you’re looking for a new career, this industry may be a good place to start: many consulting jobs require just certification and the skills to do the job.

Environmental and Conservation

Energy is a hot commodity and so are jobs in the field of conservation of the environment. A large portion of work is in the government sector, but consulting jobs will increase in the private sector as regulation and cost savings will force corporations to improve waste management and other practices that have an environmental impact. This is a great place to be if this is your niche.

Human Resources

Often seen as a soft sector when it comes to jobs, human resources is the place to be for consultants. Look for consulting positions within a corporate structure, advising on ways to improve anything from hiring policies to record keeping. With a more fluid job market, you’ll also find good HR consulting opportunities in recruitment services (like temp services) or headhunting. An undergraduate degree is expected to be successful in HR consulting.


If you know your way around financial statements, consulting is a great career move. With increased regulation, accountants and auditors will be in high demand. For increased success as a consultant, consider specializing in accounting software or international finance law and continuing your education to a Masters degree if you don’t have one already.


It’s not easy to run a corporation, which is why management consultants comprise the largest part of the consulting industry in general but expect the competition to be stiff in this sector. To be successful as a management consultant, a graduate degree (like an MBA) and a good sense of sales and marketing are key.

The Bottom Line

This is just the tip of the consulting iceberg; if you’re an expert in your field, no matter what it is, you can be a consultant. With corporate outsourcing and cost cutting measures being made across the board, you may find that your old job is now being performed by a consultant. Look for new career paths in consulting, like as a personal trainer, image consultant, or graphic designer.

If you’re unsure about consulting as a career path, consider this: consultants make on average 50% more than their employee counterparts. If you use your connections, plan your consulting business carefully and take the leap, you may find you’re blazing a great, profitable new career path.

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