Start up Marketing Strategies that Always Work

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1. Start from the basics

Start with your unique selling points. Focus on your unique product’s characteristics in comparison with your competitors. Identify your targeted customers. At the very beginning, it’s highly recommended to focus on small specific groups, the tastes, preferences and demands of which you are sure about. Watch them; study their behavior, their interests, their desires… Then it won’t be too complicated to find out the channel of approach your targeted customers. Make everything as simple as possible.

2. Strict budget plan

This step seems so obvious and simple that many people forget about it. Please, remember: your cash will run out if you don’t keep track of your spending. It doesn’t matter how you are going to approach your customers; try to strictly work out the cost. Never estimate anything. If you have suppliers – contact them for actual quotation.

3. Social media

Direct interaction with your current and potential customers via social media is one of the most valuable techniques for initiating a movement over your product or business. This method is cheap, if not free, yet rather efficient. Creating your brand through one-to-one interaction is a good practice that will pay off in the long run without fail.

4. Quality content

Interesting, helpful content is the foundation for building a good social media engagement. Be sincere with yourself when generating it. Answer yourself a question: “Is my content really share-worthy?” Give users the reason to visit your social media profiles and website; quality content is a good one.

5. Build trust

Start-ups with no reputation have to establish relationships that build trust, so be genuine when networking. Not speaking to potential customers is a suicide for any start-up because you mean nothing to anybody. Understand your value offering and be ready to explain it briefly.

6. Follow Up

To succeed in your start-up, adopt the simplest and most cost effective medium to communicate and deliver your product/service in-time as nothing can be more distressing than a belated delivery. Create a system to remain in touch with your satisfied customers and don’t give up on the unsatisfied customers either.


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