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It can be incredibly stressful to be unhappy at work. If you’re struggling to enjoy your job, you’re not alone. Many people let the daily grind get to them leading to their yelling and frowning. However, there are a few things you can do to help you enjoy yourself and your job.

1. Altering your Mindset:

How do you think about yourself and your job? Negative thoughts are probably not helping you enjoy yourself. Work on being conscious of what you’re thinking and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, stop when you think things like, “This job is awful and I’ll never get a better one.” Instead, try to focus on the positive aspects of your job. You can say instead For example, instead think something like, “This job stresses me out because it’s complicated, but I’m learning a lot. This will be beneficial for my career.”

2. Stop hanging out with negative people:

In every place of work, there are chronic complainers. There is no need to hang out with people who complain frequently as such people will only drag you down. Surround yourself with positive people at your office to avoid being weighed down by the negative. Don’t engage in office gossip. Not only does this contribute to feelings of negativity, it could potentially get you in trouble with your boss or superiors.

3. Create a positive mental image:

Have a place in your mind where you can take a mental vacation when you’re feeling stressed. Close your eyes and imagine a relaxing scenario. This should calm you down.

4. Keep the benefits of work in mind:

Everyone works for a reason. Even if your job isn’t something that’s going to change the world, you need to work to afford basic necessities like food and shelter. If you find yourself stressed by work, think something like, “This job may be stressful, but I’m lucky to get a paycheck.”

5. Take note of positive contributions you make:

Think about the good things you do at your job, even small things. Even if you’re a tiny cog in the machine, you’re keeping it going and you should be proud of that. Even if you’re not passionate about your job, maybe you bring something to the office. If you’re kind to your co-workers, you probably contribute to a positive work atmosphere.

6. Request new responsibilities that interest you:

Doing the same task day in and day out can get repetitive and boring. Instead of accepting the tasks you’re dealt, volunteer to do something new. Approach your boss and ask if you can take on some new responsibilities in the office.  See if there are any places in your office where extra help is needed. For example, maybe your company’s social media profile is a little lax. Volunteer to ramp it up a little.

7. Make to-do lists:

One reason people dislike work is that they feel overwhelmed. If you go into work every day feeling incredibly stressed, you’re likely to be unhappy. Work on organizing tasks into a to-do list every day to help yourself remain calm. Prioritize items on your list and you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment crossing items off your to-do list. This can lead to you enjoying your job as you’ll feel a sense of pride.

8. Concentrate on one thing at a time:

If you’re concentrating at the task at hand, you’ll have less time to think about stress or dissatisfaction. When working on something, give it your full attention and push worries or fears out of your mind. This will keep you occupied, allowing you to better enjoy your work. If you have a lot of downtime, you may find yourself worrying then. Try to bring things like books and crossword puzzles to the office to keep yourself occupied during downtime.

9. Teach yourself a new skill:

If you’re feeling like your job is stagnant, try to learn something new. Use downtime at work to forge new skills. It could be a software you don’t know how to use. If your boss sees you’ve learned something new, you may be able to move up in the office. This can lead to better positions down the road.

10. Take breaks during the day:

If you get five minute breaks, take them. Stretch your legs, take a walk, have a snack, or do something else to relax. Even if you don’t have actual breaks, get up for about 30 seconds and stretch. Tiny breaks from work helps.

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