How To Get Media Outlets To Cover Your Business

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The success of every business depends on the solutions they have to offer, but that’s limited to the number of people they reach. That means every serious business cannot overlook marketing, more specifically the media aspect of it.

In fact, for most businesses, media coverage is the difference between failure and success. If you’re ready to get the media to cover your business, here are tips that may be of help;

Pitch The Audience Problem and Your Solution

Remember that nothing is about you or the ideas you have. It’s all about what the media wants to share with their audience. If their audience has some problem and you have the solution, ensure you pitch the problem and how you intend to solve it. The media will definitely come your way.

Besides the Solution, Talk of Value Addition

How does your product or service add value to the media’s audience? Does it help them save money, time among other resources? If that’s true of your product, and it’s an advantage you have over your competitors, ensure you highlight them so that the media can share them with their audience.

Get the Right Timing and Ensure It’s Relevant to the Media

Timing is key when it comes to product marketing. That calls for you to align your content with current trends, events, challenges or even some of the hot topics the media is currently covering or intending to cover in the near future. When you strike that balance, the media will definitely share your idea.

Understand the Media’s Target Audience

Not every media outlet will cover your stories. This is because they’ve got their own target audiences. If your story, for example, targets persons aged 65 years and above, a media outlet that’s targeting teens will most likely not touch your story.

Link With Media Outlets on Social Media

Many journalists use social media to get story ideas before they can set out to dig deeper into them. You should, therefore, be sharing content regularly through your website and social media platforms. Try as much as possible to link up with journalists who cover related content. Be ready to attend live events and share your experiences and ideas through live videos, Twitter Chats, Instagram videos, YouTube among other platforms. Moreover, ensure that your social media accounts are public so that the information you share reaches the maximum number of people.




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