Five Businesses You Can Start With N20,000 or Less in Nigeria

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Everyone wants to know about business ideas in Nigeria with low capital and here are the best of them; here are list of Five Businesses You Can Start With N20,000 or Less in Nigeria.

1. Beauty services

You can offer some range of beauty services from home and your only investment to start is beauty products and tools. Even in tough times everyone wants to look good, and you can use it to build your new career. If you enjoy styling hair, doing manicures, applying makeup, or providing grooming services to men, then being a beautician at home is your best option when you’re wondering “What business can I start with 20000 naira?

2. Baking

If you’re wondering: “What business can I start with 5000 naira?“, One of the best small capital business at home in Nigeria today is baking cakes and other sweet treats for money. Advertise your services online, take orders for wedding and birthday cakes, invest in better equipment, and soon you’ll have a blooming home bakery that requires virtually no starting capital.

3. Grocery business

You can choose from rice, beans, oil, eggs, flour, sugar, and dozens of other food groups and sell in the market, in your own neighborhood, or online to other Nigerian buyers. Though opening a grocery store will take much more than 20,000 naira, but you can start your career in the food industry by buying just one certain food product in bulk and reselling it for a profit.

4. Selling goods online

One of the most sure answer to “How can I make money online working from home?” is selling goods online. Buy products like clothes, jewelry, makeup, mobile phone accessories, small gadgets, or baby products, and sell them to hundreds of thousands of Nigerian buyers online.

5. Catering

To become a successful business person these days you have to do what you passionate about. If you love cooking and clearly have a talent for preparing delicious and appetizing meals, your best option for starting a business is launching a career in catering. At first, you can do the cooking at your home and be your own manager, cook, and waiter. You’ll need to invest in equipment for cooking and transporting food to the customer’s location.


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