How To Attract Customers And Make Sales On Instagram

Making sales on Instagram app opened on Phone by Online Business Thought
Online business is not a walk in the park, you must do the work required to get the results required. So for your Instagram page to make sales is not just to come online, post and go. If you are never online or partially online, we are sorry to inform you that you are wasting your time trying to make sales online particularly on Instagram. So after you have set up your page and put your contents, you need to know your ideal customers. An ideal customer is one who needs your services or goods. Someone that your service or
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Reasons Why your Business Needs a Website

GRID Presentation.
Many business owners understand that good branding and design is essential to their business, but a surprisingly high number of them don't really know why and the immense benefits it can add to their business. Proper branding is when your team creates designs that represent the values of your business and has commercial appeal to your potential customers. Having a really neat and responsive website now is even more important now that technologies like Twitter and Facebook make it easier for more people to find you and your company. Here are a few reasons why having a good website for
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Cashless Economy

When cashless policy was introduced we all embraced it because it reduced robbery, made us travel light and controlled inflation. We enjoyed all that when the network was good and the banks were doing their  jobs well. Here is Mr. Wale returning from work after a very stressful day at the office and met with an unforeseen circumstances with his car, having spent all the cash on him seeing an ATM close by was a sort of relief to him. Nevertheless he experience the above ordeal with different ATMs around the area. Can we now say that cashless policy has
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Top Social Media Mistakes Companies Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Social Media by Emblix Solutions.
We live in an age where every company (or at least a huge majority) is present on social media, for better or for worse. The reason for the comment is that there are still many companies out there that are really not doing a great job on the social media, for a number of reasons. Their social media practices resemble a haphazard routine more than the graceful dance of ballet dancer as they stumble from one mistake into another, turning it into a mess. Today, we will be looking at the most common mistakes companies make on social media and
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Why The Search For Jobs Will Only Get More Frustrating

Depressed Man by Techpoint.
With rapid advances in Artificial intelligence (AI), concerns about the possibility of machines taking over our jobs and maybe the world has been a lingering issue. However, this is not something we seem to be exactly worried about in this part of the world, at least not yet. While we may not be seeing many robots manning our office desks in the coming years, we have to face reality; the job tussle between technological solutions and humans is already upon us. With the high rate of unemployment in the country and the increasing number of startups and companies struggling to
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How Nigerian Startups Can Further Deliver on Value Proposition

Pay on Delivery with POS by Techpoint.
A few weeks ago, Chioma Ifeanyi – Eze, founder,  took an indigenous route to deliver on value proposition, and reach her target market. She expressed this via a Facebook post. Here’s a text version of the post below: A meeting with the Association for Igbo Pharmaceutical importers, inside the dirty streets of the Lagos market, discussing how to automate and track their massive inventory, is held in Igbo language. Practical session and presentation is all done in Igbo. The market is excited that we came. Yes, I sell accounting in Igbo and Hausa language. Yes, I go to the dirty
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3 Challenges Most Female Techies Face

Black-woman-sleeping-by-laptop-378×378 by Techpoint
Despite the fact that the tech industry seems to be dominated by the male category, some female folks are defying all odds by standing tall, shoulder-to-shoulder in the industry with their male counterparts. This is not without its challenges. However, some are still soaring high! The challenges faced as a female techie can be so overbearing at times that one might think that the tech industry wasn’t meant for females to work in. Let’s take a peek into some of the challenges they face. Inequality and male discrimination What makes the male techies think the tech industry is for them to
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Winning with Digital Confidence

Man Digital Cartoon Illustration by Lars Leetaru
The right mix of talent, innovation, and experience will help your company master emerging technology. Today, if there’s a problem with the heat or hot water in your hotel room, you call the front desk and wait for maintenance to arrive. At some chains, you have the option of reporting the issue using a mobile device. But in the near future, many hotel rooms will be wired with connected devices that report potential breakdowns to maintenance and may even automatically fix them. Smart-building technology will turn the heat up when your app’s locator notices you are on the way back
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