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Think About Five (5) Years From Now

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Think about five (5) years from now. Your journey must begin with that first step in the right direction today. Five years ago which was 2013, our problem was about money. Another 5 years again from 2018 would be 2023, would the problem still be the same? What would change about you? * Would you still be clouded by "Entitlement Mentality"? * Would you have grown into a force to be reckoned with? * Wouldn't you rather be proactive and make intentional efforts to delve into multiple streams of Income? If you will always do what you have always done,
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[Valentine Promo] Christal Villa – Itamarun

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Valentine Is Here Again! Do not waste your resources in this season of love by going to watch notable comedians with your girlfriend for a whopping amount of N1,500,000 in a VIPP section and N1,000,000 in a VIP section and you are still living in a rented apartment in Lekki or Banana Island, instead invest your money on properties that will yield 100% ROI in the nearest future. Invest in Christal Villa – Itamarun in Ibeju Lekki and be a potential land owner with the richest man in Africa. Christal Villa - Itamarun is proposed to be a sophisticated and
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[Valentine Promo] Christal Villa – King’s Court

As you prepare for Valentine's Day this month (in two weeks), don't forget to make it an asset not a liability. Invest your money in Val's gifts that will bring returns, not wasteful spending (liability). Instead of buying box of chocolates, wines or gold add it up and invest in your partner A PLOT OF CHRISTAL VILLA – KING’s Court and get ROI. Do something different this Valentine by giving your loved ones the best gifts ever as an ASSET and not a LIABILITY by investing in the all new CHRISTAL VILLA – KING’s Court. CHRISTAL VILLA – KING’s Court
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