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How To Be A Successful House Agent In Nigeria

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A veteran estate agent, house agent or agent for short would gleefully tell you that you don’t need much start-up capital to make it in the business. All you need is the willingness to hustle. The country is tough at the moment. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to sit all day expecting the government to do you some favors. So if you don’t have any scruples, this is the career path to set you on the track to becoming a successful real estate agent.   Get an office The house agent job is so flexible you could even set
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How To Start Food Business In Nigeria

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Food is the one thing that is not subjected to trends – as long as there are people, there will always be a demand for food. Out of all options for starting a business, foodstuffs seems to be the most promising one. Find out how you can found your own food business in Nigeria. 1. Food business ideas There are lots of businesses that have something to do with food; some require almost no effort to start, and others are very time-consuming; some business can bring you great revenue from the beginning, and other need time to develop. Check out
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How To Recognize A Team Player?

Team players are not necessarily born with inherent attributes of being humble, smart and hungry for knowledge and growth. However, studies have shown that it’s much more difficult to build an effective team when a team member lacks just one of these essential virtues: Humility Humility is the most important virtue of the three. Great team players don’t have big egos or concerns about status. They do not seek self-attention, but generally point out the contribution of others. They commend rather than condemn. They define success collectively and not individually. People who are not humble are unable to build trust
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How To Connect To Your Boss Without Going Too Far

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Connecting to your co-workers is something you should get in the habit of. There are the practical reasons, like being able to expand your network and have some people you can reach out to with a potential workplace issue, and the personal, like having someone at your side to keep you sane when work pressures get crazy. While it can be easy to approach someone you are on equal ground with position wise, connecting with your boss is a bit harder. A boss is a person like everyone else in your workplace, and getting along with them is important. Connecting
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How to Talk With Respect Towards Your Employees

Black Professionals by Financial Juneteenth.
Respectful treatment of employees is a corner stone of a fair and effective management practice. The relationship between employers and employees can be strong or it can be fragile. When you display respect to your workers, you stand to receive their respect. Apply the ancient, yet still appropriate, Golden Rule. Talk to your employees the way you would like them to speak to you. How you rise to each occasion may be challenging at times, but the reward is worth the effort to bring respect into every communication with the people you entrust your small business. 1. Practice general rules
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Tips On How To Remain Poor

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1. Never wake up early. Keep stretching and turning in bed until you get too hungry to continue dozing. If there are no bed bugs, why hurry to get up? 2. Never plan how to spend your money. Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it's finished, you try to count and recall how you spent it. 3. Don't think of saving until you have real big money. How can you save when you earn so little? Those telling you to save are not sympathetic to your burning needs. 4. Don't engage in activities usually reserved
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How to Treat Employees With Respect to Increase Productivity

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Small-business owners and managers can do much to treat employees with respect and increase productivity. One consideration is getting to know what management style your employees prefer. Some employees may prefer closer supervision, while others desire more leeway and creativity in performing their jobs. Managers must also keep morale high, especially during economic downturns, when layoffs or firings may exert greater demands on the remaining workers. Companies must find the right combinations of management style, employee treatment and motivation to ensure the greatest levels of productivity. 1. Take time to listen to your employees regarding their concerns and needs for
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Tips On How To Finance A New Small Business Venture

GROW-MONEY by We Credit
Starting a new small business is an excellent move, especially if you have this very great idea for a business venture, and you are tired of the boring and taxing routine that comes with a 9 to 5 office job. But establishing your company can be a struggle as well, especially if you have limited sources of funds or none at all. The money will always be a constant factor, and the lack of it will certainly hamper your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. But like the adage says, when there’s a will, there’s a way. If you are having
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How to Name Your Business

How to Name Business by Entrepreneur.
What's in a name? A lot, when it comes to small-business success. The right name can make your company the talk of the town. The wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure. Ideally, your name should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the product or service you have developed. What's in a Name? Start by deciding what you want your name to communicate. It should reinforce the key elements of your business. Your work in developing a niche and a mission statement will help you pinpoint the elements you want to emphasize in your name. The more
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How to Start a Business for Free

start-your-own-business by Franchise India 2.
If you are among those complaining that you need money to start a business, here is how anyone can start a business for free and build wealth. In this post, I want to show you how you can start a business for FREE and grow it to a multi-million brand. So if you already have some fund to start a business but confused, keep that money in your pocket and cut out the excuses. 1. Sit down and really think about what your gift/passion is and what you could love doing all your life. It could be training or coaching
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