How Millionaires Think Differently

Femi Otedola by Daily Post
What would you say is the most powerful thing in the world? And what would you say if I told you that you already possess it? You were born with it. It was given to you freely, yet you often take it for granted. What is it? Let me give you a hint. It weighs less than three pounds and is more powerful than any super computer. You guessed it, it’s your brain - more specifically, your mind. Have you ever thought about the amount of things you change during your lifetime? But if you don’t change your mind, meaning
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Sure Ways To Retain Your Customers

Black Woman Shopping.
There is no doubt every business setup and industry has its own peculiarities. And it shouldn’t be taken for granted. As small-business owners or managers, we desire steady inflow of clients. But when things are not going the way we expect, we get into the panic mode. However, some businesses still get it right. They have actually found a way around maintaining a steady inflow of customer. So, lets see how you can retain your customer’s interest into the future? 1. Improve your skills with quality products Your honed skill or competence would make up for other weaknesses. Therefore you must
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3 Nigerian Fashion Designers Making Waves Internationally

Deola-Sagoe-My-Nigeria store by BellaNaija.
The fashion industry has produced many talented designers. So, if you just got into the industry and you are not making sales yet, don’t worry this post is for you. 1. Deola Sagoe: She is a haute couture fashion designer from Ondo State, Nigeria. A fashion visionary with a unique approach to her craft that has endeared her to followers and critics all over the world for the past 25 years. She has left a global footprint across the various continents, using African hand-woven materials in which she brings to life a range of distinct cultures. Her designs present a unique vision
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“I Started Makeup Business With N15,000” – Tara Fela-Durotoye.

Tara Fela Durotoye – House Of Tara. – Copy
Starting a new enterprise in Africa and Nigeria in particular, can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. The adrenaline pumps of living your dreams may soon face the reality of harsh business conditions in the country. Here, we take a look at Tara Fela-Durotoye and the famed House of Tara, and how she was able to navigate the uncharted waters of starting a new course of business in a country as Nigeria. Introduction Tara Fela-Durotoye is a Nigerian-born lawyer turned Africa’s leading beauty and makeup entrepreneur. She started House of Tara at the age of 20, from her living room,
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12 Successful Nigerian Entrepreneurs that Never Finished School

Don Jazzy in Jacket.
With over 40million+ unemployed graduates in Nigeria, most youths are now waking up to the reality on ground that having an academic certificate or degree is not the gateway to escape the hardship and struggles of life. The ultimate dream of every Nigerian parent is to see their children pass through school, earn a degree, get a high paying job and live happily ever after. This was the dream we were sold on as kids, “To graduate and get a good job” and most parents / children pursued this dream vigorously. But unfortunately, the dream of go to school, secure
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Interpersonal Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Possess

Jason-Njoku talking.
Communication skills You should be able to pass across information or instructions clearly using verbal and non-verbal means. A crucial aspect of communication often neglected is listening. You should also be a good listener as you interpret verbal and non-verbal messages arising from others. Persuasion, Negotiation and Influencing skills You need to find a way to come to agreement with others. Team-work skills You need to be able to work with others under varying conditions. Mediation skills You should be able to resolve conflict when it occurs between other parties. Decision making skills You should be able to make clear
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Proven Ways To Stand Out From Your Competitors

Bored-young-woman-at-work with laptop by MaseTV.
As an entrepreneur, crowded markets can be a headache, especially if you are going head to head with a larger business in your space. However, competition is not insurmountable, instead, you just need to be creative and industrious in how you approach various facets of a business. As a small business owner, use quality over quantity to get your name out there. Focus on your own business, customers, and employees. Make sure you are delivering the best results for your overall customer and employee satisfaction. Your customers and employees will vouch for you and spread the word. Your competitors will
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Entrepreneurial Lessons To Learn From Small Doctor

Small Doctor by Dasort.
Whenever trashy and noisy music in Nigeria is been mentioned, Small Doctor ranks number one. Small Doctor is your eccentric-like artiste, the exact copy of a child lost in the streets. Small doctor has grew over the years to become one of Nigeria’s Popular artistes with his street-hop genre. However, Small Doctor has taken advantage of this to propel himself to prominence. His music has put him on the spotlight. However, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Small Doctor’s model to grow their business. Here are the 5 Entrepreneurial lesson you all need to learn from him:- 1. IDENTIFY YOUR
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7 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have and Why

Aliko Dangote by usineafricaine.
All entrepreneurial skills are learnable but which do you possess? Do you know that it takes some certain skills to be successful in business as an entrepreneur? Have you always wonder how top entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Robbins and others manage to raise a business from scratch to become a conglomerate today? Have you at once asked yourself what makes Aliko Dangote emerge the richest black man in Africa? Oooh, you think it is ritual or government funds? Wake up, dear entrepreneur! At the beginning of starting my freelance writing career, I said to myself that I
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What It Means To Be A Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurship 101
Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s what we learnt when we were younger and it, quite aptly, describes and defines social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is driven not so much by profit as by societal needs that the entrepreneur has identified and is passionate about. So, here is my take on what it means to be a social entrepreneur. A community need Every business enterprise addresses specific needs for profit, otherwise why have a business in the first place? But a social enterprise needs to fulfill a much more basic community need, or even a subliminal one, and it may
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