Oil Market

oil market
I remember my early days in the university as a fresher. One can't miss the sights of filing stations situated close to another within walking distances. I wondered why? You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the town is the best mango and cashew producing town in the country, but to my greatest surprise only old women and peasant farmers are left to their agricultural sector which they could have use as their major source of income exporting far and wide. It's disappointing knowing that the rich and capable men of the town are busy in the oil
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Cashless Economy

When cashless policy was introduced we all embraced it because it reduced robbery, made us travel light and controlled inflation. We enjoyed all that when the network was good and the banks were doing their  jobs well. Here is Mr. Wale returning from work after a very stressful day at the office and met with an unforeseen circumstances with his car, having spent all the cash on him seeing an ATM close by was a sort of relief to him. Nevertheless he experience the above ordeal with different ATMs around the area. Can we now say that cashless policy has
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