How To Be A Successful House Agent In Nigeria

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A veteran estate agent, house agent or agent for short would gleefully tell you that you don’t need much start-up capital to make it in the business. All you need is the willingness to hustle. The country is tough at the moment. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to sit all day expecting the government to do you some favors. So if you don’t have any scruples, this is the career path to set you on the track to becoming a successful real estate agent.   Get an office The house agent job is so flexible you could even set
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Five Businesses You Can Start With N20,000 or Less in Nigeria

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Everyone wants to know about business ideas in Nigeria with low capital and here are the best of them; here are list of Five Businesses You Can Start With N20,000 or Less in Nigeria. 1. Beauty services You can offer some range of beauty services from home and your only investment to start is beauty products and tools. Even in tough times everyone wants to look good, and you can use it to build your new career. If you enjoy styling hair, doing manicures, applying makeup, or providing grooming services to men, then being a beautician at home is your
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How To Start Food Business In Nigeria

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Food is the one thing that is not subjected to trends – as long as there are people, there will always be a demand for food. Out of all options for starting a business, foodstuffs seems to be the most promising one. Find out how you can found your own food business in Nigeria. 1. Food business ideas There are lots of businesses that have something to do with food; some require almost no effort to start, and others are very time-consuming; some business can bring you great revenue from the beginning, and other need time to develop. Check out
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Sure Ways To Retain Your Customers

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There is no doubt every business setup and industry has its own peculiarities. And it shouldn’t be taken for granted. As small-business owners or managers, we desire steady inflow of clients. But when things are not going the way we expect, we get into the panic mode. However, some businesses still get it right. They have actually found a way around maintaining a steady inflow of customer. So, lets see how you can retain your customer’s interest into the future? 1. Improve your skills with quality products Your honed skill or competence would make up for other weaknesses. Therefore you must
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What You Need To Know About Importation Business

There are many benefits to consider in the importing business. Here are some of them; REDUCED COSTS: A major benefit of importing is the reduction in manufacturing costs. Many businesses today find importing products, parts of products and resources more affordable than producing them locally. There are numerous cases when entrepreneurs find products of good quality which are inexpensive even when the overall import expenses are included. So instead of investing in modern, expensive machinery, entrepreneurs choose to import goods and reduce their costs. In most cases, they end up ordering large quantities in order to get a better price
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Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Registered

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In a Country like Nigeria and a world like ours where people are constantly on the lookout for things to claim, even if they know nothing about how it was started. People start a business and get too carried away with the little progress that they forget that they have to have it registered and secured. Your Business is a part of you, the moment you start a business and take it up with time and effort; everything that goes wrong affects you even emotionally. Here are reasons why you need to get your business registered; You Do Not Have
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10 Lucrative Food Business Ideas with Zero Capital

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People may stop using clothes, they may stop the use of jewelries but to sustain themselves they have to keep eating, which makes the food industry very lucrative and one of the best industry you can venture into; So if you’re interested in this particular business let’s see together that which you can do; 1. Weight Loss or Dietary Foods There is a trend involving foods that help people lose weight or at least don’t make them fat, because almost everyone hates adding up much weight they just want to get slim. You can do very well in the food
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Identifying Opportunities For Business Growth

Accelerate Your Business.
In today’s business environment, sustaining growth and profitability is never a guarantee. Technological and scientific advances shorten life cycles of products and services, business models change and new competitors appear from outside the industry.  This constant instability makes it necessary to seek new business opportunities. First, you need to define a work frame to help search for opportunities. To do this, it is necessary to understand your company’s business direction and to have knowledge of the resources, strengths and capabilities of your company. Once you have a good understanding of company goals and areas of expertise, the next step is to analyze the
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Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

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Starting a business is a huge step. It’s a huge step not only towards defining your income but your life and time. Most times, business start-up advisers are consulted to help ensure one is fit to start their business. This could be a good idea and is generally worth recommending. This does not however mean that you can’t offer an almost equal professional assessment of yourself before starting your own business. Some important questions to be considered have been recommended: 1. Why are you starting a business? This question is fundamental because it is necessary for you to clarify your
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10 Businesses To Start In Nigeria With Less Than N50,000

Money – Salary in Naira.
The current situation of the country has prompted many Nigerians to start their own business. Nigeria is a country not well managed by our government, but still people are becoming millionaires every day from their personal businesses. Most of the millionaires in Nigeria all started with small amount of money and today they are the big names all over Africa. You too can start something now and remember the journey of a thousand miles began with a step. 1. Popcorn Production Business People buy snacks every now and then, and popcorn is one of the most selling snacks, because people
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