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Team players are not necessarily born with inherent attributes of being humble, smart and hungry for knowledge and growth.

However, studies have shown that it’s much more difficult to build an effective team when a team member lacks just one of these essential virtues:


Humility is the most important virtue of the three. Great team players don’t have big egos or concerns about status. They do not seek self-attention, but generally point out the contribution of others. They commend rather than condemn. They define success collectively and not individually. People who are not humble are unable to build trust and incapable of engaging in honest conflict. Humble people are respectful of others in the team, even when they disagree.


Hungry people are always looking for more, more to learn, more responsibility e.t.c. They rarely have to be pushed to work harder because they’re self-motivated and diligent. They’re always thinking about the next step and the next opportunity. People who lack the virtue of hunger won’t achieve results. This is no truer in a network marketing team. The hunger for success and the desire to help others is what drives a true team player. His/her eyes are fixed on the big picture. The ultimate goal.


In a team, being smart does not mean being the most intelligent, but having simple common-sense about people and situations. Smart team players tend to know what is happening in the group and how to deal effectively with others. They ask good questions, listen to what others are saying and stay engaged in conversations. People who aren’t smart in this regard will create unnecessary problems, especially when involved in productive conflict and holding people accountable for their actions.

All of these attributes are necessary for the ideal team player. If one is missing in a co-worker, teamwork becomes much more difficult and sometimes even impossible.




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