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Online business is not a walk in the park, you must do the work required to get the results required. So for your Instagram page to make sales is not just to come online, post and go. If you are never online or partially online, we are sorry to inform you that you are wasting your time trying to make sales online particularly on Instagram.
So after you have set up your page and put your contents, you need to know your ideal customers. An ideal customer is one who needs your services or goods. Someone that your service or product can help him or her solve a particular problem or need. If you have a range of products and services that cannot solve problems or cater for your online customer needs he/she won’t buy from you on Instagram.

1. Create your Ideal Customers Profile:

First check through all your current customers. Look at the ones that bought and didn’t give you stress or drain you. Pick them out about 5-10 if you do not have up to 10, write out 5. Categorize them by their location, business or work, what do they believe about your industry? Like people in the beauty niche, they think they are out to rip them off their money, or loose weight niche that they lie to sell their products. So you need to have answers to address their fears. What makes them make a decision to buy and why should they buy from you?

    2. Socialize

After having your ideal customer profiles. Go to your their page and like at least 3 of their posts and leave a COMMENT on one. Have you even done that? You never like anyone or comment on any post but you complain nobody is buying from you. People always forget that social media, is not for basically for selling, it is to connect with your friends, share updates and all. But the good news for you is that people buy on social media every single day. Also do follow 10-20 of your ideal customers everyday. You must attract first before you sell.

     3. Use of Relevant Hashtags

Use hashtags in your niche or industry. Search for the hashtags your competitors and social media influencers use to market. It’s not a bad thing to have competitors and check for what they are doing to stay ahead in sales on Instagram. If possible collaborate with them, remember you’re still trying to get a strong online presence.


Freebies help to build sustainable relationship with your customers and is also a key to making more sales on Instagram. You have to GIVE to GET. Freebies could come in the form of Clearance sales, Price Slash, Discounts, Gifts, Free tips e.t.c.
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