5 Things To Look Out For In Your Advertisement Copy

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We see adverts all around us day to day, in prints (magazines, news papers, stickers , handbills), online, on billboards or on TV bringing to the notice of the public about a product or service, news, events and so on.

Advertising can be an effective way of communicating to a large number of target customers or people. But its effectiveness depends on how creative it is. Before any advert is shared, do double check. Does it have a solid concept and creative designs? Will it speak well of the company and what they do? It should be properly worked on and cover every detail with regard to the product or servise.

Various considerations or essentials of a properly drafted advertisement copy are as follows:

  1. It should be simple:- The first important ingredient of an advertisement copy is that it should be written in simple language. It should be capable of proper understanding devoid of ornamental and tough words rather short, simple and properly understandable words.
  2. It should be capable of holding the reader’s attention:- An advertisement copy should be capable of holding the attention of the reader, it should be presented in such a manner it attracts the consumer immediately.
  3. It must be suggestive:- The advertisement copy should be capable of suggesting the reader about the utility and use of the product. Effective slogans can be used to give suggestions to the people. For example: in case of Coca-Cola, it is written “open happiness with taste of feeling” also Leo Monde “making dreams a reality”, this slogan have suggestive value. Suggestion may also be given with the help of certain pictures in the advertisement copy.
  4. It should have conviction value:- The advertisement copy should be able to have an everlasting impression on the reader, if the suggestions are backed by convincing arguments. They should not have doubt on the quality of the product, he should be fully convinced and satisfied. Exaggerations in explaining the qualities of the product must be checked. An appeal with regard to outstanding features of the product must be made. It should be stated in simple language for the reader to understand.
  5. It should educate the people:- The advertisement copy should tell the people about the use and operation of the product. It should also impart new uses of the product with which the consumers are not familiar with.

Do look out and double check the advertisement copy for the above listed before it is shared.




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