5 Saving Tips For The Working Parent

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Don’t create a budget in your head…write it

As a working parent, the reality sets in that a larger salary or  better job would never be the answer to your problems. No matter how much money you make, you would never become financially free without financial discipline and strategy. In the face of  rising expenses and bills, we go through strategies that work in a world that is constantly asking for more.

1. Plan before payday

The worst thing to do is to draw out your financial plan on payday. Way before you get paid, be sure to set aside a realistic amount that you can save.

Be sure that it is an amount you can comfortably set aside. It is okay to increase the amount as the months go by.

2. Keep a paper trail

You should keep track of  what you earn and spend everyday. If you do this, there would never be any instance where you feel like all your money disappeared without a trace.

You can also  get an app that helps you manage your  finances and keep track of what you are spending.

3. Budget it

Once you set aside a percentage to save, the amount left is also very important . You should set out a detailed budget for the rest of your income. Put regular expenses like electricity, childcare and groceries down and allocate particular amounts to them. Most people fall guilty of going outside their budgets when emergencies pop up. The proper thing to do is to go to your budget and see where you would have to cut costs to fit the emergency.

Whatever you do, never give in to the temptation to raid your savings account.

4. Shop smart

A major tip for  saving money is to avoid impulsive buying. Take your time to review deals and sales that look too fantastic.Give yourself forty eight hours to review it and discuss with a friend before you take up the offer.

Take the bulk approach when  shopping for family needs and take advantage of  large discounts when  available.

5. Slash expenses

Look through your expenses and look out for things you can save money on. Expensive cable subscription is a common item  that takes a chunk of a lot of budgets. If you can’t do without it, find a less expensive offering and channel the money gained into other areas. If you live in the same neighborhood with a colleague, sharing rides will help to cut down on transportation costs.

Achieving financial freedom demands consistency and discipline. With constant practice you would find your unique way to reach your savings goals.




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