How To Be A Successful House Agent In Nigeria

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A veteran estate agent, house agent or agent for short would gleefully tell you that you don’t need much start-up capital to make it in the business. All you need is the willingness to hustle. The country is tough at the moment. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to sit all day expecting the government to do you some favors.

So if you don’t have any scruples, this is the career path to set you on the track to becoming a successful real estate agent.


  1. Get an office

The house agent job is so flexible you could even set up an office outside your front door. Anywhere would do as long there is enough traffic and you can receive your clients. Most people would want a face to face meet to ascertain authenticity. And don’t also forget the need for an online platform or office too because we are in the digital age and you can’t afford to miss the opportunity it presents too. Get a notebook where you would collect your clients’ details and you are good to go.


  1. Make a signboard

This is absolutely necessary or how else would passers-by know an agent is right under their nose? Since you are starting out, your signboard doesn’t have to be elaborate. Take note of all the types of apartment you plan to cover and also design e-fliers for your online platform too. Making money is important and to ensure that list all types of apartments. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have any to let out to your clients. Just list them.


  1. Network aggressively

This is where the real work begins. Get a mentor; preferably a house agent who has been in the job for years. The old-timers are easy to spot. They look scruffy and behave as if they know everybody in the neighborhood. Forget that after years of being in the business, the riches don’t reflect in their looks. Attend Business Opportunity Trainings on real Estate and Seminars alike. Your Mentor, if he is worth his weight in blocks of flats, should be able to introduce you to other agents in the business. They are the people who would let you know where vacant houses are. You don’t even have to go and inspect the houses. That is not important. What is important is that you have their numbers and can call them anytime to confirm the availability of such houses.


  1. Registration

Ensure you register every client that comes to your modest office. Collect their contact details in your notebook and what they need. Each client must register with a FEE. This fee is non-refundable and it serves to weed out the un-serious clients. Every reputable business collects that fee in one form or the other.


  1. Have photos

Thank God for cheap camera phones. Take pictures of some of the properties and show to clients. Your professionalism would not be in doubt with these photos. However, make sure pictures of the best part of the house are taken. And if the external environment is cool, snap and show it around to potential clients.


  1. Know the language of diplomats

In your case, the definition of a diplomat is someone who can convince anybody to take a trip to hell and look forward to that trip happily. If the property is in the slummiest part of town, make it look like Banana Island has got nothing on it. If the property is obviously expensive, find a way to make it look like it is the best deal since tithes was reinvented as a cornerstone of Christianity. In other words, know how to convince your clients and do so smiling.

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