17 Success Quotes by Serena Williams

Serena Williams playing Tennis.
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Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player. The Women’s Tennis Association has ranked her world No. 1 in singles on eight occasions, from 2002 to 2017. She became the world No. 1 for the first time on July 8, 2002. Many commentators, players and sports writers regard her as the greatest female tennis player of all time.
See some of her quotes on success.
1. “I really think a champion is defined not by their wins, but by how they can recover when they fall.” Serena Williams
2. “I think you should work on yourself until the day you die.” Serena Williams
3. “I always believe I can beat the best, achieve the best. I always see myself in the top position.” Serena Williams
4. “Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.” Serena Williams
5. “Luck has nothing to do with it, I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.” Serena Williams
6. “When you lose you get up, you make it better, you try again.” Serena Williams
7. “You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.” Serena Williams
8. “You can become strong, and powerful, and beautiful.” Serena Williams
9. “Overpower. Overtake. Overcome.” Serena Williams
10. “Whatever fear I have inside me, my desire to win is always stronger.” Serena Williams
11. “It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you come from, if you have dreams and goals, that’s all that matters.” Serena Williams
12. “If anything, you know, I think losing makes me even more motivated.” Serena Williams
13. “You have to be fearless to have success.” Serena Williams
14. “Everything comes at a cost. Just what are you willing to pay for it?” Serena Williams
15. “I just hate to lose. When I am on the court, it is like my life depends on it.” Serena Williams
16. “I’m a perfectionist. I’m pretty much insatiable. I feel there are so many things I can improve on.” Serena Williams
17. “I can’t become satisfied, because if I get satisfied, I’ll be like, ‘oh, I’ve won Wimbledon, I’ve won the US Open. Now can I relax.’ But now people are really going to be fighting to beat me.” Serena Williams
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