10 Reasons You Should Have Multiple Sources Of Income

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Having multiple income sources do not mean having 2 or 3 jobs but creating passive or semi-passive income sources using your active income source (income from your job).
1. One income source can never solve our numerous but necessary expenses averagely millionaires have multiple sources of income.
2. Your work can now be outsource to cheaper person even if it is in another country.
3. Most jobs will soon be replaced by technology.
4. It frees you from worries of not having enough at end of the month.
5. Inflation is going higher and salary is almost at a fix rate.
6. It improves your creativity capacity and you learn new skills.
7. You have something to fall back to in case of emergency.
8. Saving is the new risk expand your means.
9. It frees you from going broke one week after pay day.
10. It gives you opportunity to a better lifestyle with your family and opportunity to give a helping hand to others.
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