What Type Of Salary Do You Earn?

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What Is Your Salary?  We all know Salary, is a specific amount of money that an employee is paid for work done. But we are not interested in the amount
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6 Proven Ways to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Job seekers spend so much time fine-tuning résumés and preparing for interviews that they are often unprepared for the salary proposal that accompanies a job offer. The company has made
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Your Guide To Creating A Budget That Works

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If your salary always seems to find wings and disappear in the middle of the month, it is time for a rethink. You should take a look at your financial habits

Financial Habits That Would Ruin You

5-Ways-to-Refocus-your-Debt-Slaying-Journey. – Copy
Many times you look at your account balance, your lack of savings and lament. You blame your job, blame the cost of living in the country but fail to blame

5 Saving Tips For The Working Parent

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Don’t create a budget in your head...write it As a working parent, the reality sets in that a larger salary or  better job would never be the answer to your