Money Management Practices That Ruin Businesses

Woman counting money by Pulse.
Entrepreneurs start their business with an idea and lots of energy, however as the business gets very engaging, they start to unconsciously develop bad financial habits and to be successful

Think About Five (5) Years From Now

CHRISTAL Homes screen shot – Copy
Think about five (5) years from now. Your journey must begin with that first step in the right direction today. Five years ago which was 2013, our problem was about

Modern Lifestyle Habits That Have Negative Effects on You

Lady staring at phone in dark.
1. Cell Phone Addiction The “text neck” syndrome is provoked by looking down at your cell phone and it is characterized by pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Anxiety from receiving fewer messages or social media updates

How To Start Food Business In Nigeria

Nigerian Market Customers.
Food is the one thing that is not subjected to trends – as long as there are people, there will always be a demand for food. Out of all options
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